Will this be “ripped from the headlines”?

The grotesque story of the Gosnell abortion “clinic” in Philadelphia is getting a lot of press.  For an excellent summary of Pennsylvania’s willful disregard of the malpractice and other abuses that went on here, check out this Hot Air story.   Governor Casey must be cringing in his grave.

This sordid situation seems made for a tv treatment, maybe even on the Lifetime channel.  It’s the story of poor and (in many cases I’m sure) scared women, victimized not only by those they turned to in desperation, but also by the State in its failure to ensure at least minimal standards .   There was even a whistle-blower who tried to bring attention to the horrendous conditions and negligence and whose words fell on deaf ears.  And then there is the angle that it was only an investigation into drugs which led to action against this “facility”.

I venture that had someone pitched this tale it would have been dismissed as unbelievable and over-the-top.  Proving yet again that truth is stranger, and more disturbing, than fiction.

I wonder if we will see this story fictionalized.  And if we do, I’ll be curious to see how, in the story, the blame gets put on pro-lifers.


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