Very sad that Pence is not running

I’m very sorry to hear Mike Pence has decided to run for governor and not president.

He really could have been perfect, which I think was why many people have been very vocally urging him to run.

Even rather un-political Hubby loved him, after seeing ONE interview with him on a Sunday chat show.  Hubby told me “he’s the guy” and I said “yeah, I think he is” and this was a couple of months ago.

Now we have Romney, Palin and the rest, with only Giuliani likely to break out of the pack, if he learned his lessons from last time.  But if he is not actually in Iowa or New Hampshire RIGHT NOW, I doubt he’s learned them.

More on all this later, today I am just truly disappointed.


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One response to “Very sad that Pence is not running

  1. Hmmm, I SO prefer Palin over Ghouliani. Putting aside my personal dislike of his positions on social issues, I think they’d be enough of a political liability to alienate a core constituency of the GOP. One thing I suspected all along – which was cemented in my mind during the 2008 race – is that no Republican candidate can afford to give the finger to any of the 3 major components of the party: social conservatives, fiscal and small-government-type conservatives, and those whose main concern is national security. McCain was a terrible choice who pissed off SEGMENTS of all three groups, but he was (at least at the time) wise enough to realize he’d never get anywhere by telling an ENTIRE constituency to take a hike. JMO

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