Break the Unions, Save the Children

In Wisconsin, we are now seeing how revolutionary the Tea Party is, and how strong the resistance to it will be.  This is much better than the status quo and has the added advantage of revealing the true face of the left and their handmaidens in the Democratic party and the Mainstream Media.

Gone now the calls for “civility” and “process” and “respecting the will of the people”.  The public can clearly see that all those demands are only placed on the right and the republicans, while the left is free to have their temper tantrums.

Let us talk about the people who are out there protesting, the uber-unionists of America, the public school teachers.

If there were ever a union that needed to be broken, it is the public school teachers union.  Of course it is really various unions, but that doesn’t matter for this discussion.

This group of people has done more damage to America over the last two generations than any other.  And “any other” includes jihadi terrorists, organized crime, gang members, illegal aliens, space aliens and Bernie Maddof.

Johnny can’t read?  Thank a  public school teacher.  Kids trapped in dangerous, dysfunctional schools?  Thank a public school teacher.  Populace too lazy and ill educated and too filled with undeserved self-esteem to function as workers?  Thank a public school teacher.

This is the ONLY group of people who have consistently failed at their jobs for decades and when their failure is pointed out to them demand MORE MONEY in order to succeed.

And up until now they have gotten it.

And yet, they’ve continued to fail.

It is time for all of this to end.  Two generations of failure is enough.

The unionized teachers of America have embraced every fad, resisted every attempt to improve education for the children and parents who are their customers and their employers, and have now taken to the streets of Madison Wisconsin as a mob.

Governor Walker must be prepared to fire every teacher who is not back in the classroom by Tuesday and withhold the wages of every elected official who is not in his or her office by that same day.

And other governors must be prepared to do the same.


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