Voting present = apathy

I cannot get my mind around how apathetic President Obama seems to be about Libya.  He had a real opportunity here to gain ground with his right-wing adversaries and lose nothing with his domestic and global base.

All he had to do was come out with some words, just words, just some strong words condemning Gaddafi and urging his swift resignation/demise.  And yet he couldn’t bring himself to do it.  The most we have is literally a game of telephone wherein his press secretary relates that Obama and Merkel had a nice chat in which he told her (or agreed with her) that Mohmar must go.

But we have been give words, and promised still more words.  Words shared with UN Diplomats and our “counterparts” in other nations.  Words that will be spoken and maybe even written down that will tell Gaddafi to stop slaughtering his citizens.

Yeah, that’s going to work.

Honestly, you could grab the next three street thugs off the nearest city corner and they would do a better job of stopping that maniac.

Nobody else has said this, but I am going to.  Obama has gone from being irritating, to annoying, to down-right scary. I’m well disposed to believe he is in over his head, but as with the Gordon Brown incident which led off his presidency, I have to wonder: is everybody else in the White House in over their heads too?

My impression has always been that presidents come and go, and of course they have a lot of power (they are indeed the deciders as Bush put it), but there is a permanent government which advises and guides them.

Obama makes me wonder about that.  I’m pretty sure that permanent government isn’t staffed by Republicans so what explains these, er, lapses?


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