How little does the MSM really report

I watched an episode of CSI – Miami the other day, in which the High School “mean girl” was stoned to death, with rocks.

That’s not a spoiler and no spoilers are required for this post.

Upon discovery of the crime, and the realization of the method of murder there is a brief discussion of the “archaic” means used to kill the victim.  One of the characters says that stoning is mentioned in the Bible.

And that is it.  Nobody says that stoning goes on to this very day in Muslim countries.  Nobody says that it is mentioned also in the Koran (which I guess it is, although I could be wrong).

Nothing.  Per CSI-Miami stoning is something that Christians and or Jews used to do a long time ago (except for this current victim).

Now, as I said no spoilers need be risked here, but I will say that no religion has anything to do with the crime in the show.

Nevertheless it is a matter of fact, a topic of current events, that women (mostly?) and men are being stoned in today’s world, today’s Muslim world.

And then I wondered if maybe this fact isn’t really a topic of current events in the MSM, maybe I’m aware of this only because I get my news strictly from right wing sources.

I did some cursory searching on the NY Times and Washington Post websites.  I did find some mentions of stoning, mostly involving Sakineh Astiani the woman who was sentenced to death by stoning in Iran.  I found no reviews of the movie “The Stoning of Soroya M.” in either paper.

Now, I am not the familiar with the search capabilities of either site.  Surprisingly, the NY Times site didn’t seem that good, it found references to a lot of readers’ comments, but I never seemed to be able to locate the comment referenced.

But, I am left with the impression that the MSM and their abettors in the entertainment area are not anxious to bring the horror of “modern” life in the Muslim world to their audiences.

This article by Robert Worth gives a good overview of the puzzling attitude of the media elite to the subjects of Islamic abuse of both women and men.  It’s well worth a read, but if you understand its meta-meaning can you please clue me in.  In the piece Worth notes “Stoning is a legal punishment in only a handful of Muslim countries — in addition to Iran, they include Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan and Nigeria, but it is very rarely put to use.”  Some of those are pretty major countries and the idea that stoning is “very rarely [used]” is a strange apologia.  I don’t know Mr. Worth’s views on the death penalty, but it is true that in the US execution is very rarely used but that doesn’t stop opponents from railing against it.  Good for them, of course, I support the death penalty but I’d defend to the death their right to protest it.  And that is my point, Mr. Worth can’t seem to bring himself to say that stoning, or amputation, or knocking walls down on homosexuals is WRONG.

And this brings me to my puzzlement.  I cannot, cannot, cannot, I just cannot understand the blithe attitude of the elitist left and their servants in the MSM to Islamic jihad


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