It IS good deal

The government did not shut down, some people are annoyed by this.

But I think we got a good deal for our side.  I think Speaker Boehner played his cards quite well.

I think a lot of political junkies (like me) fail to understand how little most (and by most I mean like 75%  or more) care about politics.

And those people (that is, to emphasize, most people) don’t want to think about the government or politics.  They hold a very low opinion of most politicians at all times.  They do not distinguish between the parties or the pols, they see it as an us vs. them game.  They are the “us” and the pols are the “them”.

When pols do stuff that reinforces this view it is never good for the pols (see: the common touch).

But these old folks at home do not distinguish between dems and pubbies, left or right.  They just don’t think about it that much.

I’ve read that this a tribute to our system, that if you live in a totally corrupt system you have no choice but to think about politics ALL THE TIME.  I’m not sure I”m buying that, but it may well be true.  Certainly it is a tribute to our society that any given person can basically forget about politics and politicians most of the time and know that their lives will continue undisrupted regardless of who is speaker of the house of representatives.

So, these are the feathers that John Boehner managed to not ruffle at this point. And this is a good thing.

Because the feathers are about to be mightily ruffled.

So, let us husband our small victory, let us not eat our own.  Let us hope & pray a new tea party day is upon us.

And let us realize that short of chopping off heads and burning down buildings that the pace of change is going to be measured in small steps.


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