Debate disappointment

Tim Pawlenty’s unwillingness to bash on Romney was a HUGE disappointment.  Running away from his bon mot “Obamneycare” was so stupid, in so many ways I almost cannot believe he did it.

1. He looks craven, like a  back stabber, who won’t stand up and tell a person face to face what he thinks of him.

2. He looks cowardly, if he won’t take on Romeny, how is he going to take on Obama?  Some MSMer is going to ask him some thinly veiled version of this: Pres. Obama is black, and you are running against him, doesn’t that make you a racist?  And what’s he going to do?

3. He threw away the small progress he had made against the charges of being boring unto death.

4. He undermined the rest of his pretty good debate performance.

5. He didn’t need to do this at all.  He could have been “nice” and still said something like: While I don’t want to bash Gov. Romney, the fact is Obamacare is modeled on Romenycare, that’s why I said what I did yesterday and that’s why Gov. Romeny is NOT the man to bring market-based reforms to our health insurance system.

6. He looked unprepared, didn’t he and his team realize that this was one thing he would definitely be asked about?

7. He’s going to have a very hard time recovering from this, for all the reasons I give here.

And, despite what others are saying, Romney just looked awful.  Like the fake, empty pol he really is.  And that thing he said at the very end “New Hampshire voters believe in the future.”  What malarkey!  I’ve been to New Hampshire many times, the people there are actually rather enamored of the past.  But in any event, those in other states are interested in the future also.

So, Bachmann came off well, Romney is just glib and awful, Santorum was OK, Caine is hopeless, Ron Paul is truly a nut (but his little joke at the end about not knowing where the others stood on the Federal Reserve was very cute & self deprecating ), Gingrich was OK, and Pawlenty screwed up BIG TIME.

Hubby had a major crush on Bachmann, he had never seen her before, so maybe a lot of folks felt that way.  She is rather like Jaclyn Smith of Charlie’s Angels, but she doesn’t have the “beauty queen” thing, she’s way too wonky, so maybe that will help her to be not so threatening to some gals out there.


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