How did it go from “leave us alone in the bedroom” to “celebrate our love”?

For years, long before it was popular, I saw myself as “pro-gay”.  My brother (full disclosure: who ended up dying of AIDS) was a homosexual and living in NYC I knew plenty of gay people and, you know, I was for them, not agin them.

And yet, and yet.  And yet I never could see homosexuality as being the same, or equivalent to heterosexuality.  Heterosexual intercourse, or some gross scientifically enhanced simile is the ONLY way that the one overriding miracle of life as we know it can occur.  It is only via heterosexual intercourse that a new human can be formed, developed and birthed.  (and hey, I hope you respect my respect for science in that last sentence and if you don’t, well fie on you!)

So, that’s the yucky part.

Now, to their credit today the gays would like us all to focus on the non-yucky part.  Well, the part that girls and gays find non-yucky anyway, I think those awful he-men types might tend to differ.  The hearts and flowers, the love forever, the soul-mate stuff.

All well and good.

But yet, but yet.

How short ago was it that we who are NOT in the gay community were being implored “just leave us alone in the bedroom”?

To which most people, I’d guess at a minimum 80%  of people said: OK, no problem, you got it!

And then it quickly became “celebrate and validate our love!”

To which most people, I’d guess a minimum of 60% of people said: Say what?

This has sort of changed me from a “pro-gay” person to an “anti-gay-rights” person, and I am not enjoying that at all.

Why were not civil unions adequate?  Because gays need to have society say: your relationships are the same as man/woman relationships?

But they are not, and no amount of law passing and litigating is going to make them so.

It is a sad quest for validation that can never come, even if a semblance of it is compelled by law.



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3 responses to “How did it go from “leave us alone in the bedroom” to “celebrate our love”?

  1. WOWOWOW!!!! – my thoughts precisely. I don’t really care what consenting adults do in the bedroom and I don’t personally know anyone who does, even among folks who find the behavior in question morally reprehensible or, as you say, “yucky.” But when people take their actions out of the bedroom into City Hall DEMANDING a social stamp of approval, it’s no longer about privacy. It’s about imposing their agenda on the rest of us – exactly as they accuse us of doing. Even the Master Satirist himself, George Orwell, would be scratching his head at the irony here.

    • Thanks Paula for your comments.

      Yes, I agree, I can only be befuddled when I think of what Orwell would make of our times.

      I doubt even he could have imagined the “political correctness” that is governing our age.

  2. Ellen KEvans

    Well, it is undeniable that there are many, many people attempting to force an agenda on us. Gay protections (above and beyond the equal rights to which they are absolutely entitled) are one part of this, so is the whole DOMA movement another. Best thing on the subject I ever heard was that the best way to protect the sanctity of marriage was to get the government out of it altogether – the business of the government is NOT with sanctity. On the other hand, gays have been witness in our lifetimes to hetero couples doing everything but copulating in the streets – surely their feeling that they should have equal rights to “let it all hang out,” “put it all out there,” is understandable. Best if we all respected sex more, kept it carefully, as something valuable. And I leave off with this: “I don’t care what people do, as long as they don’t do it in the street and frighten the horses.”

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