Don’t throw the snowball

In hubby’s family there is an expression, he made the snowball but he wants you to throw it.

I think the debt ceiling negotiations between President Obama and the House Republicans are a good example of this dynamic.

Barack Obama would like to make the snowball of increased taxes and get John Boehner to throw it.

And like the bad little boy in the Robertson Davies novel, Obama will have a hard little rock tucked inside that snowball.

He will accomplish two major goals, he’ll get to TAX THE RICH and he’ll alienate the Tea Party from the Republicans.

Needless to say the Republicans are on a very strict probation with the Tea Party.  But, if they have 1/2 a brain between the lot of them, they know it is we who brought them to the dance.

If they have another 1/4 brain altogether, they will realize the polls are in their favor.

The republicans need to do one thing TODAY, they need to draw up a bill stipulating what things will be paid, and in what order, and what things will stop being paid, and in what order should we hit the debt ceiling.

They also need to emphasize that yesterday our President stated that we cannot meet our most basic obligations without borrowing money.  This is of a piece with his earlier remarks about businesses being unable to borrow money to meet their payrolls.

Everybody who has had even a glancing association with a business, either for-profit or non-profit, understands that if you are borrowing money to meet your payroll, or pay your rent, you are in deep trouble.

If we really can’t pay our Interest payments, pay Social Security obligations, pay our Military and other Government employees, keep watch for hurricanes, etc. without borrowing 2.4 TRILLION dollars NEXT MONTH, well, we better find some savings, or have a garage sale, or something RIGHT NOW.

Don’t throw the snowball John Boehner, subject it to sunlight and watch it melt away.


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