Take the 3 points

I see the House republicans in this analogous position:

They have moved the ball far down the field and are in a position to score.

Some folks want to go for a touch down, but I urge that we kick for the field goal. In attempting for a bigger score, we may lose the ball and give momentum (if not points) to the other side.

My brother and sister tea partiers need to realize this is only half-time.  In fact it is only half-time of the first game of the new season.

Anybody who thought that the so-called Tea Party freshmen were going to change the country in 7 months wasn’t really thinking very realistically.  Even if we had a filibuster-proof Senate Majority (which we manifestly do not have, we don’t even have a plain old majority), I doubt we could really turn the whole nation around in 7 months.

Boehner and Co. have accomplished a lot.  They’ve gotten the issue on the front pages, they’ve turned the narrative our way, they’ve held the line on no more taxes.  President Obama has made himself look like a petulant child, or I should say has revealed himself to be a petulant child.  The Senate Dems have been shown for the craven lot they, in fact, are.

I’m hearing “remember Regan” a lot these days.  Well I would remind everyone to remember Gingrich.

We need to remember that as conservatives (and even just as Republicans) we are always in a two front war against both the Left/Democrats AND the media.


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