Why on earth did I start this blog now?

Ok, not now, a few months ago.

I didn’t want to start an end of the world blog.

I wanted to start a yeah, so, that’s how I feel blog.

As a true born native New Yorker, an F U blog.

But now….

but now…

We’ve lost our triple A

London’s burning

Race riot (almost) at the Wisconsin State Fair.  Seriously, Wisconsin –  my mom got a Masters Degree at Madison, in freaking Spanish, OK?  Which Fair is so down homey they refer to it as “at State Fair” rather than “at THE State Fair”; which I don’t understand.  Either they’ve got some large area that is always set aside for (the) State Fair or it is just a really big thing for them.  Which, being they are cheese heads, and cheese comes from cows, and cows, etc. are what a state fair is really all about and damn it all, I guess it is really just a big thing for them.

So, a race riot (almost) at the Wisconsin state fair, pretty bad.  Perhaps it is almost as bad as that Republican governance.  Tomorrow will tell the tale on that, eh?

[Check back in six weeks or so for an unrelated update.]

In the middle east (cue music) our erstwhile ally (well, we were erstwhile to him) Mubarak is in a cage, on a gurney (Which sucks more?  Gurney I reckon provided it is not just for show).  We can’t, even with all the help the Euros are willing to provide at the front end, dislodge that weirdo Qadhafi.  And meanwhile….our enemy Assad slaughters his people left and right.

Hubby is talking, seriously, about getting a shot-gun.  He even filled out some form today.

Can a society really collapse?

I was thinking about this today.

I mean, of course they can and have.

But, I can’t think of an instance where it happened outside of war.  Real WAR.  Shooting and killing and territory capturing war.

Aside from some ancient, archaeologically discovered civilizations, where nobody really knows how or why they ended I don’t know of one.

Has this happened, in recorded history?






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