Rick Perry and Red State

I’m writing about this because for all the hoopla about Perry’s announcement, there is a major aspect of it that I think is being overlooked.

Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas, announced his much anticipated bid for President of the United States at the Red State Gathering.

What is the Red State Gathering? It’s a shingdig for a blog.  A BLOG!

A VRWC blog, and not being a blog historian I don’t know if it’s the grandaddy of them all, if it’s the most visited, the most influential, I don’t really know.

I mean, I read A LOT of Right Wing blogs myself, and I’ve checked out Red State a few times, I just never could get into it.

Myself, I’m a freeper. http://www.freerepublic.com you can go there for some hard core conservatism and the greatest group on the internet, imho.

But, nevertheless, this is some kind of a great, newsworthy, thing, I think.

And, yet nobody seems to be mentioning it.  All we hear is that Perry announced in South Carolina.

I don’t know if this is blog jealousy or what.

Kudos Red State, I think you’ve brought it all to a whole ‘nother level!


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