Why We are Loving Rick Perry

Yesterday’s PPP poll has been confirmed, in spades, by the ever respectable Gallup Organization.  We Republicans are loving Rick Perry right now.

And there are a goodly number of folks who have got their knickers in a twist over this.

And that is the first reason we are loving Rick Perry, because we know, we just know, that he is loving that he’s twisted their knickers.

And not just the libs, many of whom seem convinced that we are always just one election away from some kind of Christian jihad that will have…..oh I don’t know what they think is going to happen, just that it is going to be really, really bad.  I don’t think Rick Perry is worrying too much about what these people are thinking. Of course this is the second reason we are loving Rick Perry.

But also queasy are the Establishment Republicans.  These are the people who live in fear of the New York Times and the rest of the MSM.  I also think some of them might be afraid of that Christian jihad, but only insofar as the jihadis might require them to handle snakes and speak in tongues.  Rick Perry is not intimidated by the Establishment Rs, and of course we love him for that.

Rick Perry grew up poor, became an Eagle Scout and served in the Air Force.  He doesn’t seem like there is too much in the world that fazes him.  The state he governs is doing very well, in sharp contrast to most of the rest of the country.  Of course he gets credit for this, fairly or unfairly, that is how the “chief executive” post works in American politics.  These traits and circumstances convey an ability at Leadership.  To be frank, President Obama has not helped himself with the whole “leading from behind” strategy, which is more than a bogus meme.  It was certainly the approach he took on the Stimulus Package and Obamacare and even the recent Debt Ceiling negotiations.  I wonder why the ghost of Harry Truman hasn’t snuck up on him and hit him upside the head with his old “buck stops here” sign, but alas for Barack, evidently he has not.  And indisputably the fine people of the great state of Texas have seen fit to return Governor Perry again and again to office.  We are getting pretty stressed out here in American and we are looking for someone to lead the way.  Perry seemingly has spent his life as a leader and appears to be an enthusiastic candidate for office.  We’ve been spared both the Hamlet routine and the reluctant saviour schtick and for that we are loving Rick Perry.

Rick Perry looks like a president.  Let’s face it, he looks like a president out of a 1970s TV Movie. He married his childhood sweetheart which is also very 70s TV movie.  Right now we are feeling like we are living through a re-run of the 1970s, so he fits right in to the zeitgeist.  And we are loving that in our universal subconscious hearts.

I, myself, am having a bit of a crush on Rick Perry (you couldn’t tell, right?)  I was very dashed at Tim Pawlenty’s implosion.  When I wrote this post I was going to start it by saying “he may have spoiled his chances” but I didn’t want to think it was true.  But it was.  No need to re-state the reasons, just follow the link and count the ways.  I thought Pawlenty was the prefect candidate,  but his diffidence damned him.  The Republican nominee is going to be facing a man who has said “they bring a knife, you bring a gun”.  Now this may only prove that men watch too many gangster movies and memorize too many lines from them, but I bet that even if Rick Perry doesn’t know any gangster lines, he’s memorized a few from Westerns.  The Republican nominee is going to be called everything bad the Left, the Dems and the MSM can think of, including but not limited to: a nazi, a religious maniac, a moron, an evil genius, a moron again, evil genius again, a racist, a hater of the old, the sick, the poor, and children (except unborn children, for those he or she will be said to have an unnatural affection) and, if the nominee turns out to be Rick Perry or Sarah Palin, a MURDERER of animals.  I can hear Tim Pawlenty running screaming into 10 o’clock in the morning even from here.  I can’t see any of this bothering Rick Perry at all.  I truly think he’s got these people’s numbers and for that I love Rick Perry.

Rick Perry made the much-anticipated announcement of his candidacy at the Red State Gathering.  I wrote a little post about it here because I was surprised at how little mention was made of that.  I’m sure a great deal of thought goes into where one makes one’s announcement of such an important undertaking.  Sometimes the reasoning eludes the audience, as did Jon Huntsman announcing in Liberty State Park, but nevertheless, I’m sure it was a long considered decision.  Even failed short-lived candidacies are monumental undertakings and no one who intends to be a serious candidate is going to say “I’m running for President” on the fly.

So Perry’s choice of venue served two purposes – it was a poke in the eye of the MSM, since they were forced to give publicity to a right-wing  blog site (they did strenuously avoid this part) and it cemented his attachment to the Tea Party movement.  And that brings me to what I think is the biggest reason we love Rick Perry, he respects us.

The Tea Party movement is the truest grassroots movement since the Feminist wave of the 1970s.  It was set off by a random rant by CNBC newscaster Rick Santelli and took off like wildfire across the United States.  It began as a protest movement by people who don’t go to protests, or at least they hadn’t gone to any since the 1970s or earlier.  It was motivated by the fear that Barack Obama was going to make good on at least one campaign promise, the promise to “fundamentally transform” America and that with solid, filibuster-proof majorities in both houses of congress he would succeed in that quest.  I don’t want to delve into a lot a detail here, but let me just say there was a big “hey, wait just one lousy minute” moment amoung the middle class who, generally, don’t want their entire societies fundamentally transformed. (Provided of course they are essentially free societies, in totalitarian lands the shoe is on the other foot. Yes, China, I’m talking about you.)  This is, of course, why the Left fundamentally, historically, always and forever, hates the bourgeoisie.

Well, the Tea Party movement organized Tax Day Rallies, marched on Washington (twice if you count the Glenn Beck event and I’d say it should be counted), contributed mightily to the election of Republican Scott Brown to the erstwhile “Kennedy” senate seat in Massachusetts and ultimately engineered the biggest gain of house seats in decades, taking the national purse out of the hands of the Democratic party, much to the consternation of the bien pensant.

There was an awful lot of effort involved in all this.  It was done amoung friends and strangers who became new friends.  There was, as election day got closer, some funding from groups like Americans for Prosperity and others, but there were no secret sacks of money. (Or if there were I didn’t get any – story of my life!)

And what did we get for our efforts at peaceful protest and the exercise of our constitutionally guaranteed right to petition our Government?  What did we get for our civic participation? What did we get from the people who just two years prior,  for the last 6 years of George W. Bush’s presidency, had cheered on International ANSWER (those people are pure Communist and do not ever believe otherwise), Code Pink and the pathetic Cindy Sheehan; from the people like Hillary Clinton who told us “Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism”; from the people, like Barack Obama and the editorial staff of the New York Times who somewhere along the way found an indulgent and affectionate respect for many of those, like Bill Ayers, who had once sought to overthrow the US Government by violent means; what did we get from those people?

We got slandered as violent racists, derided as dupes, laughed at as bumblers and clowns.

Now, of course there are already “Tea Party” candidates running (Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul, Herman Caine) or still considered possible candidates (Sarah Palin) but all of them have serious draw backs.  Bachmann and Paul share a problem, they are house members, while Caine has never held office, and he seems clueless on foreign policy.  Palin first has to overcome the problem of not actually being a candidate.  These are all good people and every one of them would be a vast improvement over Barack Obama, as would non-tea party candidates Rick Santorum and the unjustly ignored Gary Johnson and even former front-runner Mitt Romney.

But, let’s face it, Rick Perry is a BIG dog.  He is the current governor of the second largest state, a state whose economy is booming, he is an incredibly successful politician (as both a Democrat and a Republican), if you measure that by getting elected. And this is a campaign, we’re not writing a history book here.  He knows how to get massive publicity and how to wow a crowd.   Perry could have gone anywhere, spoken to any group but he came to us, out of Respect, as they say in the gangster movies. And so far, he hasn’t asked for a thing beyond a fair hearing. And that is probably the single most important reason why we are loving Rick Perry right now.

Sigh. I hope we don’t all hate him in 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years because then I’ll have to do a long “why we hate Rick Perry” post and this one took hours.

And if I never have to do that, how much will I love Rick Perry then!


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