American Attacked – Original 9/11 Memorial Video by Steve Anonymous

America Attacked 9 1 1.

This link leads to the original, insofar as I know, post 9/11 memorial video.  The only creator’s credit I can find is, which appears to be defunct.

This video was EVERYWHERE after 9/11, for some time now I have only been able to find it on one particular website, they are truly great archivists for preserving it, and I thank them very much.

It appeared within a very short time after 9/11, maybe a week later.  This man was the first to use the great Enya tune.  If you check out youtube (as I did looking for this) you’ll see that, as happens to all great artists, everybody stole from Steve.

This video will bring back the emotions of that time as it was filled up with those emotions at the very moments they were being experienced by millions of people.

I very much wanted to post this video, truly it says everything there is to say about that horrible day whose 10th anniversary we mark tomorrow.

May all who were killed rest in eternal peace and may God Bless America.


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