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Elizabeth Warren, Big Chief Bullshit Artist

So, I’m breaking a personal rule here and just using the word bullshit in all its vulgar stridency.

Because it’s important, it’s for the children, it’s truth to power.

Nah, that’s all bullshit too.  It’s because Elizabeth Warren is gosh darn annoying.

Ms. Warren has been revealed to have, in a squirmy, wriggling sort of way self-identified as a Native American in the past.  It is presumed by many that she did this in order to advance her career (and the facts revealed in the Washington Secrets column regarding her credentials vs. those of her peers is certainly intriguing if not dispositive) and stopped doing it when no further boosting was necessary.  What nobody, and I mean nobody, believes is that she did it to “meet friends” or  find those “who are like” she is.  Unless, of course, she was looking for late feminist bullshit artists who want to become one of the 1% without losing touch with their Inner Other.

That is the purest bullshit.

I remember years ago hearing that college degrees are more properly understood as BS (bullshit) MS (more shit) PhD (piled higher and deeper).  I suppose Esquire Warren has a JD so I guess that stands for jumbo dung heap.

I do believe that she was told by her family that she had Native American ancestry.  But that’s the thing about bullshit, as this book  indicates, it doesn’t have to be a lie.  In fact, most bullshit isn’t a lie, it’s some truth used in the furtherance of a short cut, a get around, a get over.

And that was how Warren used her ancestry, just as she has tried to name herself the originator of the occupy movement, and just as she is now furiously spinning to get out of the web she wove.  And get this, in searching for that link, I see Ms. Warren was a registered Republican into her 40s!  Did Harvard know about that?

People like this are tiresome.  They don’t really want to do the hard work.  They just want to get over, get some for themselves, keep as much of it as they can, and tell you that you are not doing enough for others.  By which they mean you are not giving THEM enough money to do what they think best with.

They think the public are fools, and if they are members of the Democratic party they are pretty sure they can get away with their bullshit.


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John Derbyshire, Trayvon Martin and the Hard Truth

I’ve read Mr. Derbyshire’s article and I too have found it rather disturbing.  Yet I  can’t dispute the core of what he says.

But I think he’s said things very badly, needlessly offensively and that on the whole it is unhelpful.

And since this is clearly in response to the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman incident I will write about that too.

The plain fact of the matter is this: since the let-it-all-hang-out 1960s black people have largely been granted a license to commit crime.  Not by the criminal justice system and  not by white people in general.  By white elites, most certainly.  By black people, in general or the elites, I don’t know.  There seems to be a code of Omerta in many communities and a lack of leadership, but in this case I will just admit, I’m not black so I don’t know.

Black on white crime is almost never,  ever described or prosecuted as hate crime.  And it is likely that most of black on white crime isn’t borne out of race hatred it is just general crime of covetousness.  But there are many crimes for which, if the races were reversed, the hatred motive would never be doubted.  In fact we’d do nothing but hear about it, see about it, think about and “search our souls” about it for days, weeks, months on end.

Here is just one link to a senseless, lurid, black on white crime that if the races were reversed would be as famous as the Lindbergh Baby kidnapping.

Black on black crime is completely ignored.  OK, not completely, it gets reported in the local media, maybe there is a case or two that breaks through to large coverage, but to be honest and without searching I can’t think of one.  Yet day after day, in city after city, innocent black people are brutalized, raped and killed by other black people.  Sometimes these are little children who are merely in the wrong place at the wrong time, or elderly citizens who have made the same error.

The black crime rate is out of control and the overwhelming amount of the victims are black.  In fact, despite the babies and the grannies most of the vics are Trayvon Martin aged youth.

But Jesse Jackson will never have a march about that.  Al Sharpton will never fulminate about that.  President Obama will never be asked about that.  And John Derbyshire is not concerned about that.

John Derbyshire is concerned about his children being caught up in some crime, personal or random, in which blacks are the perpetrators.

And you really can’t blame him for that concern.

And you really can’t blame all of society for being fearful of black young men.  They are the primary malefactors in society.  One would have to be abysmally stupid not to be wary of strange black men.

Add to this well known fact the bias of the MSM in reporting crime.  Crimes with black perps and white victims are treated as though race is never a motive factor.  As I say, often it may not be, but you will not hear about it even if it is.

Yet crimes where the perp is white and the vic is black get national coverage

Even when there really hasn’t been a crime committed at all.  (See Lacrosse, Duke University, railroad job.)

So, this is what white Americans are up against:

The media, staffed almost entirely by white people, who don’t care about white people, who seek to damn white people (or “white-hispanic” people) even when the facts aren’t on their side.  Who will falsely report stories, ignore or willfully distort evidence (as George Zimmerman’s 911 call was distorted), and evade correcting their “errors” if they can only make “white” people look bad.

Black people who are criminals and who, for the most part don’t prey upon white people, but who basically get a free pass from the MSM when and if they do.

Rabble rousers, like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who strive for media attention and get it most easily with the man-bites-dog stories of white on black crime.

And this is what black Americans are up against:

The media, staffed almost entirely by white people, who don’t care about black people,  who couldn’t care less when the victim isn’t white, unless the alleged perp is.

Black people who are criminals and who, for the most part don’t prey upon white people, but upon black people.

“Leaders” like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

It is one thing for a white parent to tell their child to avoid black people, what advice, exactly, is a black person supposed to give their child?

Because avoiding John Derbyshire,  George Zimmerman and even the Police just isn’t going to improve their odds by all that much.

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How did it go from “leave us alone in the bedroom” to “celebrate our love”?

For years, long before it was popular, I saw myself as “pro-gay”.  My brother (full disclosure: who ended up dying of AIDS) was a homosexual and living in NYC I knew plenty of gay people and, you know, I was for them, not agin them.

And yet, and yet.  And yet I never could see homosexuality as being the same, or equivalent to heterosexuality.  Heterosexual intercourse, or some gross scientifically enhanced simile is the ONLY way that the one overriding miracle of life as we know it can occur.  It is only via heterosexual intercourse that a new human can be formed, developed and birthed.  (and hey, I hope you respect my respect for science in that last sentence and if you don’t, well fie on you!)

So, that’s the yucky part.

Now, to their credit today the gays would like us all to focus on the non-yucky part.  Well, the part that girls and gays find non-yucky anyway, I think those awful he-men types might tend to differ.  The hearts and flowers, the love forever, the soul-mate stuff.

All well and good.

But yet, but yet.

How short ago was it that we who are NOT in the gay community were being implored “just leave us alone in the bedroom”?

To which most people, I’d guess at a minimum 80%  of people said: OK, no problem, you got it!

And then it quickly became “celebrate and validate our love!”

To which most people, I’d guess a minimum of 60% of people said: Say what?

This has sort of changed me from a “pro-gay” person to an “anti-gay-rights” person, and I am not enjoying that at all.

Why were not civil unions adequate?  Because gays need to have society say: your relationships are the same as man/woman relationships?

But they are not, and no amount of law passing and litigating is going to make them so.

It is a sad quest for validation that can never come, even if a semblance of it is compelled by law.


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How little does the MSM really report

I watched an episode of CSI – Miami the other day, in which the High School “mean girl” was stoned to death, with rocks.

That’s not a spoiler and no spoilers are required for this post.

Upon discovery of the crime, and the realization of the method of murder there is a brief discussion of the “archaic” means used to kill the victim.  One of the characters says that stoning is mentioned in the Bible.

And that is it.  Nobody says that stoning goes on to this very day in Muslim countries.  Nobody says that it is mentioned also in the Koran (which I guess it is, although I could be wrong).

Nothing.  Per CSI-Miami stoning is something that Christians and or Jews used to do a long time ago (except for this current victim).

Now, as I said no spoilers need be risked here, but I will say that no religion has anything to do with the crime in the show.

Nevertheless it is a matter of fact, a topic of current events, that women (mostly?) and men are being stoned in today’s world, today’s Muslim world.

And then I wondered if maybe this fact isn’t really a topic of current events in the MSM, maybe I’m aware of this only because I get my news strictly from right wing sources.

I did some cursory searching on the NY Times and Washington Post websites.  I did find some mentions of stoning, mostly involving Sakineh Astiani the woman who was sentenced to death by stoning in Iran.  I found no reviews of the movie “The Stoning of Soroya M.” in either paper.

Now, I am not the familiar with the search capabilities of either site.  Surprisingly, the NY Times site didn’t seem that good, it found references to a lot of readers’ comments, but I never seemed to be able to locate the comment referenced.

But, I am left with the impression that the MSM and their abettors in the entertainment area are not anxious to bring the horror of “modern” life in the Muslim world to their audiences.

This article by Robert Worth gives a good overview of the puzzling attitude of the media elite to the subjects of Islamic abuse of both women and men.  It’s well worth a read, but if you understand its meta-meaning can you please clue me in.  In the piece Worth notes “Stoning is a legal punishment in only a handful of Muslim countries — in addition to Iran, they include Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan and Nigeria, but it is very rarely put to use.”  Some of those are pretty major countries and the idea that stoning is “very rarely [used]” is a strange apologia.  I don’t know Mr. Worth’s views on the death penalty, but it is true that in the US execution is very rarely used but that doesn’t stop opponents from railing against it.  Good for them, of course, I support the death penalty but I’d defend to the death their right to protest it.  And that is my point, Mr. Worth can’t seem to bring himself to say that stoning, or amputation, or knocking walls down on homosexuals is WRONG.

And this brings me to my puzzlement.  I cannot, cannot, cannot, I just cannot understand the blithe attitude of the elitist left and their servants in the MSM to Islamic jihad

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Will this be “ripped from the headlines”?

The grotesque story of the Gosnell abortion “clinic” in Philadelphia is getting a lot of press.  For an excellent summary of Pennsylvania’s willful disregard of the malpractice and other abuses that went on here, check out this Hot Air story.   Governor Casey must be cringing in his grave.

This sordid situation seems made for a tv treatment, maybe even on the Lifetime channel.  It’s the story of poor and (in many cases I’m sure) scared women, victimized not only by those they turned to in desperation, but also by the State in its failure to ensure at least minimal standards .   There was even a whistle-blower who tried to bring attention to the horrendous conditions and negligence and whose words fell on deaf ears.  And then there is the angle that it was only an investigation into drugs which led to action against this “facility”.

I venture that had someone pitched this tale it would have been dismissed as unbelievable and over-the-top.  Proving yet again that truth is stranger, and more disturbing, than fiction.

I wonder if we will see this story fictionalized.  And if we do, I’ll be curious to see how, in the story, the blame gets put on pro-lifers.

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