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Don’t ever do this – Please!

When I saw a post today describing how the Obama campaign would like to be part of your wedding, etc. registry  I really did not believe it was real.

So sure was I that this was a fake story, I actually went to the Obama for America site, because I had to see this one with my own eyes.

{SIGH} It’s all too real.  Including the fake cheerful and youthful, yet mangled (gravy BOWL?) syntax.  Including the comments which range from loyally supportive to understandably snarky to downright mean as Mrs. Obama might say.

But what, exactly, are they saying here?  The first thought that comes to mind is “boy, these people are really desperate for money”, something with which even I can sympathize.  The second thought is that Obama and Co. seek to interject themselves into the most private, joyful moments of their supporters’ lives, with their hands out for money.

Like an insidious begger importuning a couple on a date, they accost you and request a share of something they should never even think they had a claim on.

Very, extremely creepy.  And rude.

Many on the Left probably wouldn’t believe this, but there is a debate taking place on the Right these days and I’ll sum it up this way: should we get down in the gutter with them, or do we continue to try and be better?

John Boehner’s recent advice to his house colleauges not to “spike the football” if Obama care is struck down by the SCOTUS is a pretty good example of the “be better” school.

Andrew Breitbart’s  entire life was a shining example of the “get down in the gutter” mode.

And, like with the Death Penalty, I usually sit on the fence over this.  My kid tells me “it’s important that we’re better, that’s a big part of why we’re right and they’re wrong” and I think she’s correct.  I’d like to think I’d cut my throat with a rusty razor blade before I’d say things about Mrs. Obama or the Obama daughters or pretty much anybody else like the things that those on the Left have said about Sarah Palin, her daughters and so many others.

But, the IRISH part of me always wants to jump in the gutter and start swinging.  In fact, I’m happy if you give me an excuse!

So, I’m torn.  But not today, today I am all on the “be better” side.

Please, please Mitt Romney, Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives, Moderates, PLEASE DON’T EVER DO THIS!!!!!


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